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Commercial Tree Care Professionals Dispel Common Tree Care Myths

The trees on your property offer many benefits. They provide you with shade and insulation against the weather. Trees give you fresh air and contribute to the environment. They also add a natural look and feel to your yard. To maximize the benefits you enjoy from the trees for years to come, make sure you know how to care for them properly. Don’t fall victim to common myths about tree care so you can avoid needing emergency tree services. In this article, we’ll teach you some of the most-heard tree care myths from commercial tree care professionals and explain why they are false.

Myth: All Branches Will Grow Back

Branches require proper pruning to avoid damaging your tree. Cutting limbs and branches improperly could cause health problems and permanent damage to the tree. These limbs may never regenerate, leaving your tree looking sickly and possibly altering the overall health and well-being of the tree.

Myth: The More You Cut, The Better

The reality is that you do not want to prune more of the tree than you need to. A tree faces stress and health problems when trimmed too much. In addition, you may face structural defects when you remove large areas of the tree. This becomes a hazard that could lead to damage or injury. Only trim as much as necessary, ridding the tree of dead branches and limbs hanging over power lines or the roof.

Myth: Anyone Can Trim a Tree

If you want to protect your trees and ensure you have an expert working on them, hire a professional. Trimming trees without experience and knowledge can result in damage and health defects in your tree. Joe down the street with the giant chainsaw probably isn’t a tree expert, no matter how badly he wants to help.

Myth: You Can Move Trees Whenever You Like

When planting a new tree, take some time to carefully consider where you want the tree, keeping in mind how large it will grow. You might think it is easy to move a small tree if you change your mind about the location. While it is true that trees can be transplanted, there are some risks. Once the roots have set in, you can damage the tree by digging it up and moving it. Find an area where the tree will fit nicely when fully grown, making that the tree’s permanent spot.

Myth: All Insects Are Bad for Trees

Not all insects are harmful to trees. Some insects actually feed on other invasive species that cause damage to trees. Beneficial insect release programs introduce good insects to trees that experience invasion by harmful species. Transplanting a colony of these good insects allows you to treat an invasion without harsh chemicals and insecticides.

Myth: You Can Never Have Too Much Water

Trees do need water to survive. When experiencing a drought, you may need to water your trees occasionally, especially the young ones. However, too much water can cause the roots to rot, resulting in eventual death of the tree. In general, water your trees once a week when needed, and do so slowly.

For thriving trees, ensure you know the truths about trimming, watering, transplanting, and more. If you need tree service in Guilford, CT, call the commercial tree service experts at Family Tree Care today.