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About Our Company

Family Tree Care has been the go-to family-owned tree care company in Guilford, Connecticut and surrounding towns for the past 27 years. We are Connecticut-licensed arborists who pride ourselves on safety, service, stewardship, and sustainability. Of course, we commit to friendly and affordable service for all our customers, but we go above and beyond with our dedication to environmental education and lasting relationships.

Our Safety Standards

Tree work is dangerous by nature. Sharp tools, uncertain variables, and work at height all introduce risks. At Family Tree Care we hold safety above all else because our people – both employees and customers – are our top priority.

Family Tree Care takes great care to prioritize safety above all else. We feel that if we can not complete our job safely, there is no point in completing it at all. We take every possible step to ensure the safety of our crew, the general public, and our client’s property. Plus, we use the latest tools, equipment, and techniques to complete our job safely.

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) has developed and maintained a detailed standard that governs all aspects of the industry. The ANSI 300 is the standard responsible for holding every tree care operation accountable for their work while ensuring a universal standard. The ANSI 300 covers both the safety requirements as well as the standards required to properly care for trees and woody shrubs.

Community Service & Environmental Stewardship

In a globalized economy where large corporations dominate we recognize the importance of our local community and the role we play in the fabric of it. Family Tree Care frequently donates time and resources to preserve historic properties and trees in and around the town of Guilford Connecticut. We often work at the Dudley Farm, The Guilford Keeping Society, and with the Guilford Land Conservation Trust.

We feel that in today’s fast-paced and highly digitalized world, it is important to reconnect with the natural world. We facilitate this connection by helping our clients care for their trees. A tree greatly enhances the aesthetic of a property and if properly cared for, it can do so for many generations. Family Tree Care is committed to helping balance the needs of trees and those of our clients for many years to come.


Sustainability is deeply important to Family Tree Care. We acknowledge that cutting down trees negatively impacts the environment in more ways than one. This knowledge troubles us, and we take necessary steps to mitigate the negative impacts we have on the earth. We are committed to moving the field of urban forestry forward by advancing our sustainable practices. Read more about our sustainable initiative here.