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Benefits of Composting

In today’s world of soil injections, chemical fertilizers, and other invasive procedures, we have returned to more natural practices when it comes to plant health care. The best way to promote a healthy tree is to supply it with nutrient-rich compost. Compost not only feeds the tree with important nutrients but it also stimulates biological activity in the soil, reducing soil compaction and enriching soil ecology. If your tree is struggling, located in a stressful place, or you simply want to give it some extra love, composting is the way to go.

How We Do It

There are several steps to properly composting your tree! First, we assess the size of the tree to determine the optimal amount of compost to deposit and the proper size compost circle to create. The majority of a tree’s roots are within the drip line and are particularly concentrated close to the trunk. Next hay is brought in and laid down to kill the grass in the area where compost will be spread. Grass competes with trees for nutrients and often leads to string trimmer damage on tree trunks. Finally, compost is carefully spread over the hay. We make sure the compost is not against the trunk and that it isn’t spread too thick. The finished product will be a dark nutrient-rich circle of compost around your tree.

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