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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Family Tree Care acknowledges that the removal of trees is harmful to the environment and disruptive to the natural world in more ways than one. Trees are incredible organisms, and without them, we could not survive. They and other green plants use photosynthesis to make food for themselves and in doing so provide us with fresh oxygen, something we all need to live. During photosynthesis, a tree absorbs a molecule of carbon dioxide and, using the sun’s energy, splits that molecule into oxygen and carbon. Not only does this release oxygen but it also traps carbon in the tree’s woody structures. When we cut down a tree we stop this process. We stop the absorption of carbon dioxide which in turn eliminates the release of oxygen. This means that not only is there less clean oxygen floating around for us to breathe, but more carbon dioxide is floating around in the air contributing to warming climates. Furthermore, after the tree is cut down, its woody structures decay and release carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.

Cutting down trees also disrupts the natural landscape. Oftentimes large machinery is used and the physical removal of the tree harms other small plants or animal habitats. After a tree is cut down its roots no longer hold soil in place and erosion can alter the landscape.

Given the damaging effects of tree removal, Family Tree Care has created a sustainability initiative. We are committed to evolving and reducing our carbon footprint. The following are key steps in our effort to ease our impact on the planet.