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Our team is proud to be Connecticut Certified Arborists

You care about the trees on your property. They are the focal point of any landscaping, and when kept healthy, they can be the pride and joy of a yard or commercial property. At Family Tree Care, we care about your trees just as much as you do. We approach every job with the following values in mind: safety, quality, stewardship, service, and sustainability. We take each of these components of our role seriously, delivering safe, informed tree service in Guilford, CT, while also trying to better our community and the environment.

Learn more about our commitment to these values below:

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Our Tree Services

From Tree Removals To Air Spading

Removing a tree requires that you call in a licensed tree service in Guilford, CT. We provide tree removals with a focus on safety and customer service.

Eliminating the stump is the last step in tree removal. We offer stump grinding, so the place where your tree stood can be covered with new landscaping.

Bring in a Connecticut-licensed arborist to trim and prune the trees on your property. At Family Tree Care, we offer expert maintenance for your trees.

When an emergency strikes, call us at 203-902-3639. We are available 24/7 for urgent services, including tree removal. Count on our support in a crisis.
Family Tree Care works with local businesses and commercial property owners to bring landscaping to life. For healthy trees, there’s no better resource.

We provide more than an average tree service in Guilford, CT. From air spading to woodchip delivery, our other services support many tree-related needs.

Our Service Area

When you need tree care in Guilford or the surrounding communities, Family Tree Care is the best choice. We are proud of our home in Guilford as the home of many historic homes and sites, as well as natural areas like Bittner Park and Chaffinch Island. But beyond Guilford, we serve The Shoreline, as well as more inland towns including Middletown, Durham, and more:

When To Call Us

Wondering when to call for tree service?
Look below for a handy guide about when to call our state certified arborists for each of our primary services.

Pruning your trees is important for their health and your safety whether it is spring, summer, winter, or fall. A healthy tree increases your property value and improves the aesthetic of your land. Pruning also helps eliminate dead limbs, decreasing day-to-day cleanup and removing potential safety hazards.

If your tree is a safety hazard, it will need to be removed. Doing so helps keep you and your home safe throughout the year, but especially during severe weather. As you cultivate your landscape, thoughtfully removing a tree can enhance the natural beauty of your property.

Composting boosts the health of your trees by feeding them the extra nutrients they need to thrive. We recommend this service to improve both the overall appearance and health of your trees.

Do you have a tree that you love, but is leaning too much? Installing a cable might be the best option for you and your tree. Cabling a tree seeks to improve its structural integrity and help prevent it from failing.

If you have a stump hanging around, it is likely time to grind it. Grinding stumps below ground level prevents them from sprouting and allows you to plant grass for your lawn. It can increase your property value and save you the pain of maintaining a deteriorating stump.