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Get Rid Of Stumps After Tree Removal

In addition to standard tree removal, at Family Tree Care, we offer stump grinding in Guilford and the surrounding Connecticut communities. This service gets rid of the stump left behind after felling a tree. The space where your tree once stood will be usable again, ready for new flower beds, grass, shrubs, or ground cover.

When stumps are left behind, they quickly become eyesores and safety hazards. Some housing communities, like HOAs, even require that you remove stumps within a certain period. While you may imagine creating a rustic-chic backyard living space by turning stumps into chairs or table bases, usually it is advisable to work with a tree service company to remove them.

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How Stump Grinding Works

After a tree removal, the stump of the tree is left behind. Most of the time, we recommend stump grinding in Guilford, CT right away after the removal of the tree. We will also remove stumps that have been left on your property for whatever reason, especially if they pose any sort of hazard.

Grinding The Stump

Stump grinding is not a full removal of the stump. Instead, we use a machine called a grinder to reduce the stump into woodchips. We grind down several inches below the ground level, leaving a hole and breaking up the root system. The depth we grind to will be determined by the tree itself, your desires as the property owner, and our expert judgment.

This means that the root system is left behind. It will be difficult to plant a new tree in the same exact location as the old one because of this. There is a method called stump removal which gets rid of the whole stump, roots included, but it requires invasive excavation. Stump grinding usually fits our customers’ needs without tearing up their landscaping and yards.

After The Stump Is Gone

Once your Guilford stump grinding is complete, we will fill in the hole with the woodchips created in the process mixed with soil. You can then do with the area as you please, making it impossible to tell that a stump once stood in that spot. We recommend turning the space into a flower bed or covering it with grass.

What To Do With The Mulch

Even after we fill in the hole left by the stump, there will still be woodchips, also known as mulch, left. A ground stump produces a much higher volume of mulch than the original volume of the stump.

We can remove the woodchips from your property, or you can use them to fertilize new flower or plant beds. They can also be mixed with dirt and soaked for an extended period of time to create nutrient-dense soil for planting.

The Risks of Stump Grinding

There aren’t many risks of choosing stump grinding in Guilford, CT as your preferred method of stump removal. Unlike other methods, it is not very invasive. It is efficient and makes it easy to return to a clean, landscaped appearance after the end of the service. Stump grinding also does not require the use of chemicals that could be harmful to the environment.

However, the one minor risk is that the tree will regrow from the root system left behind. This is unlikely, especially when you use a licensed, experienced tree service provider like Family Tree Care. We know how to properly grind the stump and break up the root system, so the chance of this happening is minimal.

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