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Stabilizing Trees With Cabling & Bracing

Trees are strong and flexible, but sometimes they need a little extra help staying upright. Family Tree Care installs cables and/or braces in trees to help mitigate the risk of a tree falling and potentially damaging our client’s property. Cabling and bracing are most effective in conjunction with pruning and can be employed in many situations.

A cable is made of braided aluminum wire and is installed high in the tree’s canopy. Cables are generally used to support the union between two codominant stems. A brace could be a Y-shaped bracket supporting an overextended limb, or a long threaded through-rod used to prevent a cracked tree trunk from splitting. Bracing can also be implemented to support smaller trees that have been uprooted. If you have a tree that has a structural vulnerability, hiring an arborist at Family Tree Care to assess and support it is a good idea!

It is important to note that installing any type of cabling or bracing system requires specific knowledge, and legally the work must be supervised by a licensed arborist. Family Tree Care has the training to take care of your cabling and bracing needs.

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