Emergency Tree Service in Guilford, CT

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When a storm or other natural occurrence impacts your trees, sometimes immediate tree service is needed to prevent further damage or injury from occurring. At Family Tree Care, we offer 24/7 emergency tree service in Guilford and other locations throughout The Shoreline region of Connecticut. Our expert tree service professionals work quickly to remove the hazard threatening your property, no matter the cause. Some common reasons for emergency tree service include broken or damaged limbs, a leaning tree, or clear signs of rot, disease, or insect infestation. If you are concerned that a tree is in danger of falling, call us right away at 203-902-3639. Our goal is always to make sure your property is safe. With over 27 years in business, we’ve developed a sense of trust with our customers in Guildford, CT. Emergency tree service can be stressful but with Family Tree Care’s expert knowledge and safety-minded approach, you can relax and return to your normal routine.

Storm Preparation & Cleanup

Preventative measures can save you from stress and worry down the line. Storm preparation includes the use of techniques like cabling and bracing to strengthen trees with weak branches. It may also involve pruning branches that are too treacherous to leave in advance of a storm. 

It is smart to get storm preparation services in advance of the winter months, as both January and February average 7 inches of snow in Guilford every year. Snow can be heavy on the branches of even the strongest, healthiest trees, and ice also has the potential to damage them. 

However, sometimes it is impossible to plan for the inevitable. Trees may fall down or take damage in a blizzard, thunderstorm, or hurricane, all of which can hit Connecticut, depending on the year or season. With more unpredictable weather events occurring, it’s helpful to have a trustworthy emergency tree service in Guilford that you can count on. Family Tree Care will assist with any storm cleanup that needs to happen in the aftermath of a weather event, whether this means clearing away branches or chipping a felled tree.

Fire Protection & Mitigation

While Connecticut is not known for large wildfires, there is still the chance of small brushfires or other types of fires spreading when fueled by unkempt vegetation. By clearing away brush, removing dead or fallen branches, and keeping an open space around your home, we can reduce the risk of fire spread. Fire protection in Guilford is another service that is more protective than reactive, but you will be glad for it in the event of an emergency.

For more information on fire protection and mitigation, or any of our other emergency tree service in Guilford, CT, call us at 203-902-3639! We will schedule an appointment for a free estimate as quickly as possible.