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How We Approach Pruning & Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning in Guilford, CT both require a careful eye and a skilled hand. These services keep your trees in good condition and are a critical component of tree care. At Family Tree Care, we offer tree pruning and trimming services to remove safety hazards, including diseased or insect-infested branches and foliage, dead limbs, and branches that obstruct pathways or views. Trimming and pruning also aim to improve the health of the tree when possible by improving air circulation and sunlight access to its inner branches.

When you call us at 203-902-3639, we will set up a free estimate on your property. At that point, we will assess your tree or trees, determining the best course of action. Trimming and pruning may be emergency or acute services called in because a tree has become a problem. But, they are also part of the routine maintenance of a tree, and the more we work with your trees, the better we can get to know them.

Why Tree Pruning Should Be Handled By Professionals

You may be tempted to try your hand at tree trimming or pruning in Guilford. After all, what could go wrong? But it’s not as easy as it looks. Pruning requires safety training, knowledge of local codes, insight into common tree diseases, and more. Connecticut-licensed arborists and tree professionals are the only ones who can perform the job properly. That’s why you should call Family Tree Care at 203-902-3639 the next time you need tree trimming or pruning services. If you’re still unconvinced, here are more details about why you should work with an expert when caring for your trees.

Legality & Permits

Some municipalities, including Guilford, CT, require permits for certain trees to be pruned, in particular those on what is designated as city land. Since we’ve worked in the area since 1996, we are well-versed in Connecticut’s tree-related regulations. When you work with us, you can rest assured that all trimming and pruning will be in accordance with local laws.


Tree service professionals will be able to diagnose the root cause of any problems with your tree. Often, we recommend pruning in Guilford because a tree shows signs of disease, rot, or infestation. The pruning contains the blight or damage, which then in turn allows us to nurse your tree back to health. It greatly reduces the chance of spread to other trees as well.

Without this expertise, you may be unable to diagnose infestations like spongy moths or emerald ash borers, both of which were the cause of many tree deaths in Connecticut over the last decade.


Overpruning is a rookie mistake. When you cut too much from your tree during the pruning process, it can inhibit its growth rather than encourage it. No more than 25% of a tree’s foliage should be cut during one pruning season.

Tree service professionals are trained to understand the needs of each and every tree. Saplings have pruning needs that are different from those of young trees. Mature trees have another set of requirements. This can be difficult to keep track of when you are attempting to prune by yourself.

Balancing Aesthetics With Health

Of course, you want your trees to look nice and natural after a pruning or trimming job is completed. Tree trimming is traditionally more focused on the appearance of a tree, while pruning prioritizes the tree’s health. An expert can combine both techniques for the best of both worlds.


Last, but not least, safety is critical when pruning a tree. Most pruning and trimming in Guilford, CT requires some climbing, a trained skill for licensed tree care professionals. Safety should not be an afterthought when pruning branches. At Family Tree Care, we make safety a central priority for all of our services, especially tree trimming and pruning.