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Meet The Team

David Slade

Owner & Arborist
David began Family Tree Care in 1995 and has tenderly cared for it ever since. He has a deep love and understanding of trees and the natural world. He takes pride in his work and carefully cares for the many great client relationships he has established since the inception of Family Tree Care. Most mornings you can find him perched in the bucket truck or swinging around a big tree.

Jake Slade

Owner & Arborist
Jake took an early interest in working outside, and fortunately, the family business afforded him the opportunity to play in the trees as an adult. He loves to climb trees of all sizes and enjoys the puzzle of tree work. When he isn’t working at Family Tree Care you can find him on the soccer field.

Chris Happ

Chris has been in the tree care industry since he was young. His dad quit his corporate job to start his own tree company and Chris was hooked. He brings a wealth of knowledge and many connections considering he is firmly involved with Connecticuts' tree community. Chris has many claims to fame but most notably, he has been the head judge for the CT tree climbing competitions' throwline event and many people say he sets up the best throwline trees in the northeast. Don’t let his considerable knowledge and inquisitive nature fool you, Chris still has a sense of humor and if you can get him laughing it's contagious. If he isn’t at work you can find Chris hiking or working in his garden.

Joey or “Mr Fazzone”

Groundsman & Climber in Training
Joey or “Mr. Fazzone” is the youngest member of our team but he doesn’t let that, or much else, get him down. His energy emulates that of a golden retriever puppy and you would be hard pressed to find him in a bad mood. Joe loves climbing trees and learning about arboriculture. On the weekends you can find him rock climbing or daydreaming about 7.3 liter diesel motors.

Marley Slade

Marketing & Design