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Summer Is the Best Time for Removing Old Tree Stumps

If you’ve had to have trees removed or you have purchased a property that includes some old stumps, summer is an ideal season to get them removed. The ground will be dry, so grinding equipment can easily be moved into location without bogging down. Wet stumps can be a haven for bacteria and fungi. Get stumps removed while the sun shines and the air dries.

Stumps Can Cause Serious Hazards

Left to their devices, stumps will break down over time. Until they do, they can draw ants, termites and carpenter ants. They’ll be a tripping hazard for your household and be tough on your lawnmower if you get too close. Stumps can also serve as a host for fungi and bacteria that can damage your other plantings.

A stump may be dead, but a stump left above ground can also quickly be surrounded by weed trees or suckers that come up from the roots. Cleaning up these patches of weed trees can be hazardous. As the summer progresses, these weed trees will capture blowing trash and leave your yard looking unkempt.

Summer Is an Ideal Time to Get Rid of Stumps

Once the snow has melted and the ground is dry, your arborist can go to work on your stump. They may not be able to tell you what killed that tree, but they will be able to study the remaining trees and determine if any of them are diseased or at risk.

Depending on the age of your home, you may be part of a development that planted the same tree, over and over. Not only are these trees at risk for the same diseases, but they’re also probably all about the same age. Your arborist can help you monitor your trees for pests, note signs of age or disease, and prune your trees for best effect.

Get Your Remaining Trees Checked Out

If you do find out that all of your trees are aging out, you have options. A detailed pruning may promote healthy growth for the next several years. You may be able to save several trees and choose to have one removed for now. Summer tree removal and stump grinding is often easier as the ground is dry and stable.

A tree expert can study your remaining trees and help you build a landscaping plan that will suit your yard for years to come. If there are diseases that are killing trees in your area, you are in an ideal place to plant trees that have immunity and will thrive.

Summertime stump removal by Family Tree Care is a simple way to beautify your Guilford, CT yard, so call today.