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5 Ways Stump Grinding Prepares Your Yard for Spring

Spring is the season when many people start spending more time outdoors to recover from the cabin fever of the winter months. It’s the time when grass starts growing again, so property owners need to clear out debris and obstructions that could damage mowers. These are also the best months for gardening and enjoying the blossoming landscape.

1. Make Mowing Easier

One of the most obvious and practical reasons to schedule stump grinding now is to make yard care easier. There’s no reason to weave your way around stumps and risk damaging expensive equipment every time you need to cut the grass. Professional stump grinding services completely remove visible portions of the stump so you don’t have to navigate an obstacle course every week.

2. Improve the View

Stumps may be the last remains of great trees that once decorated your yard, but they really don’t have much historical value. There’s no reason to let a rotting remnant spoil your view of birds and blossoms when there’s an easy solution at your fingertips. Stump removal is a fast and affordable way to reclaim the natural beauty of your landscaping to enjoy this spring.

3. Prevent Sprouting and Continued Growth

Depending on the type of tree and local environmental conditions, it’s possible for stumps to generate fresh sprouts in the spring. While it will take a long time for a new tree to start growing again, these sprouts can shoot up very quickly and make leaves in no time. This can provide enough resources to sustain and expand the root structure, which can only lead to unnecessary complications.

4. Avoid Pests and Diseases

The onset of warmer weather prompts insects to emerge from their winter lethargy. One of the most serious risks of leaving a stump on your property is its ability to attract termites and other wood pests, which can spread to other trees and damage nearby structures. They can also be infected with plant diseases, giving them a foothold where they can grow and spread to healthy trees nearby.

5. Deter Animal Inhabitants

Spring is also the season when many types of animals start scouting and digging new burrows. Stumps make attractive sites for wildlife ranging from snakes to foxes and groundhogs. Instead of uprooting these creatures in the midst of their family activities, prevent the problem by dealing with it before they have a chance to settle in.

Stump Solutions for the Spring Season

Professional tree services are a fast, effective, and affordable way to deal with stumps left from tree removal. Count on our experts at Family Tree Care to offer expert stump grinding solutions to help you get your yard in Guilford, CT ready for spring.