How do I know if I should remove my tree?

Deciding whether or not to remove your tree can be a difficult decision. The best way to makethe call is to have a certified arborist from Family Tree Care come and take a look. It is important to note that trees can be healthy but not structurally sound; or they can bestructurally sound but not […]

Should I Prune My Tree?

Making the decision to prune your tree can be more difficult than it might seem. Is it really necessary? Am I justified in wanting to prune it? What does pruning my tree accomplish? These are common questions that Family Tree Care gets when talking about pruning. Good news, we are here to help! There are […]

What is Composting

Is there a tree on your property that you really care about? Maybe your kids grew up climbing it or maybe it really enhances the beauty of your landscape. Either way it’s a good idea to give your special tree a little extra love. At Family Tree Care we think the best way to give […]

Beech Leaf Disease in Connecticut

If you spend lots of time outside, or if you have some beech trees around your house, chances are you noticed they didn’t look too great last summer. This is probably because the introduction of a new disease in Connecticut called Beech Leaf Disease or BLD. This disease is known to affect American Beech, European […]