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Bringing Reliable Tree Care to Middletown

Family Tree Care has been the go-to tree service company in Middletown and beyond since 1996. Our team commits every day to excellent customer service and knowledgeable tree care that improves both the short and long-term health of the trees on your property. Whether you live in Miramichi or South Farms, we are happy to bring our renowned tree care to all communities in Middletown and beyond.

We offer free estimates, so you don’t need to worry about hidden costs or fees. Call us today at 203-902-3639 to speak to an experienced tree care professional today!

About Our Local Trees

Middletown is home to many species of maple, one of the most dominant types of trees in New England. Red maples and sugar maples are native to this region, but you’ll also find silver and Norway maples in the area. These beautiful trees can be found throughout forests and planted as part of residential or commercial landscapes. The sugar maple is also the source of delicious maple syrup.

But Connecticut provides an incredible environment for forests and trees, so maples are not the sole native plants here. We also see Black Birch, Eastern Hemlock, Northern Red Oak, and many other trees built to withstand a seasonal climate.

You will soon find that working with a local, family-owned tree service in Middletown, CT like Family Tree Care is the best way to ensure your trees receive the care they need. With over 27 years in business, we bring learned expertise in the trees here in Middlesex County.

Our Services

At Family Tree Care, we offer everything from urgent tree services to routine maintenance that will improve the long-term health of your trees. We go above and beyond what traditional tree service companies in Middletown provide by featuring useful services like air spading, woodchip delivery, and cabling and bracing. For a list of our most commonly requested services, see below:
Wondering about how some of these services work? Read on for more details about what you can get out of our tree service in Middletown, CT.

Tree Removals

Storm damage, diseases, and insect infestations could all be causes for tree removal. Sometimes you also need to remove a tree to build new property or an addition to your home. No matter the cause, we will consult and determine the safest possible way to cut down the tree in question.

Tree removal is intrinsically a dangerous service, which is why we prioritize training for our team, invest in high-quality equipment, and proceed cautiously when performing this tree service in Middletown. We aim for efficient tree removal that does not compromise the safety of you, your family, and your property.

Stump Grinding

Once the tree is removed, we offer stump grinding services as well. Stump grinding is the process by which a stump is ground down below the surface, so only the root system of the tree remains. This method of eliminating the stump balances both the need to remove the stump and the desire for a minimally invasive technique.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

We offer both tree trimming and pruning at Family Tree Care. This is part of our ongoing effort to improve the health of the trees throughout Middletown. Tree care is not just removing dead trees. It also involves thinning out branches in the crown to increase airflow and sunlight access for the internal branches. It could involve trimming excess growth to reduce the size of the crown. The type of trimming or pruning suggested will depend on the current appearance and health of your tree. We will also determine whether pruning could remove any potential hazards, including branches obstructing views or blocking pedestrian paths.

Emergency Tree Service

When you need 24/7 help with your trees, call us at 203-902-3639. We offer support day or night for downed or leaning trees, dangerous branches, storm cleanup, and other emergency scenarios. We are also here for your emergency preparedness needs, including storm preparation and fire protection.

Commercial Tree Service

Our local businesses help Middletown thrive as a cultural and residential center in Connecticut. We are proud to count ourselves among those local businesses and do our best to support them with commercial tree service, tailored toward the needs of countless types of establishments. From retail properties to condo complexes, we’ll bring our Middletown tree service expertise to your commercial property.