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Stump Grinding Is Practical and Environmentally Friendly

It’s tempting to see tree stumps as waste, but they can actually be sources of great benefit. If you have recently removed a tree, you may have gained firewood and mulch. Hiring a tree service to grind the stump out can provide you with better soil and fewer weeds.

Make Sure the Stump Is Safe

Have the stump on your property checked for bacteria, mold and fungi. If the tree that was taken out was diseased, spreading out the mulch from the stump might spread the disease.

Learn the Benefits of Stump Grinding

Grinding up problem stumps on your property can protect your household and your equipment. Stumps can be tough to mow around and can quickly become overgrown. Weed trees can spring up around a stump and create a tangle of brush. Trash can catch in this brush and make your property look like a dumping ground.

Grinding out stumps, even old ones, can clear away these hazards. Once the level of the stump is below the level of the soil, it’s likely that the weed trees or suckers will stop sprouting. The entire root structure of the tree can start to break own, adding nutrients back to the soil.

Make the Most of Mulch

If you plan to put in a new tree after you get a stump taken out, the extra mulch can help you keep it healthy. You can add mulch to a pathway that tends to get boggy or muddy. You can keep mulch in your yard and mix it into your compost over time.

Mulch is also a terrific option if you have steep slopes or areas of erosion on your property. If you have a bare patch in your lawn that just never seems to grow anything but weeds, layer it with mulch for a season to add organic matter to the soil. Another option is to seed the spot, mulch it lightly, and keep it damp but not soggy. Grass will grow up through the mulch if you can protect the seedlings.

Keep Compost Aerated

If your mulch becomes compacted, it will start to compost. Compost needs to be turned to stay aerated. Unaerated compost will develop an odor over time. Even if you have a spot to store your compost out of the rain, it’s a good idea to keep it turned for the best results.

If you have a stump on your Guilford, CT property that needs to be broken down into biodegradable chunks, let our professionals at Family Tree Care handle the job for you.